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Pêro Viseu Roman Bridge

With the aim of promoting the heritage wealth of the municipality of Fundão (Portugal), Dos Grados launched a project to restore and conserve the Roman bridge of Pêro Viseu, also known as Ponte dos Moinhos.

This bridge, consisting of three semicircular arches, is located in the vicinity of our Fundão photovoltaic project, over the Meimoa riverbank, connecting the parish councils of Valverde and Pêro Viseu.

It is much appreciated by the local population and is classified as a “Good of Public Interest – IIP“.

These actions will make it possible to reinstate the original appearance of the bridge, restoring the most affected parts, including the slabs of the original path. It will also be protected against future inclement weather and made available for use by local residents.

Images of the Pêro Viseu Roman bridge

Images of the works on the Pêro Viseu Roman bridge

News from Pêro Viseu

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