We want our investments to have a positive impact

Social environment

Dos Grados contributes to generating a positive value footprint in the local communities where its projects are located. Therefore, our activity is centred on sustainable real assets that have a positive impact on the territory and its people from an environmental and socio-economic point of view.

We work to make the profitability of our investments compatible with environmental care and the creation of local wealth through alliances with the territory.

We involve the different local groups in the development of
Dos Grados’ activities in order to generate a mutual benefit which is perceived by people.

“We see ourselves as a new member of the local community seeking to build strong relationships based on transparency and dialogue.”

Luis Palacios

CEO from Dos Grados

Commitment and contribution to sustainable development

Our commitment and contribution to the sustainable development of local communities centres on four areas of work:

Socio-economic development
  • Promoting local hiring.
  • Prioritising the contracting with local suppliers.
  • Promoting energy self-sufficiency.
  • Encouraging energy efficiency and innovation projects in municipalities.
Conservation of natural heritage
  • Protecting biodiversity.
  • Promoting environmental best-practices.
  • Recovering degraded natural spaces.
  • Regaining local environmental wealth.
  • Collaborating with local schools and universities.
  • Supporting local vocational training projects.
  • Contributing to the transmission of knowledge.
Conservation of artistic and cultural heritage
  • Promoting the richness of our heritage.
  • Supporting and regaining tourism promotion projects.
  • Supporting local culture.
  • Restoring degraded architectural and archaeological landmarks.

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