We are committed to investments that generate a positive impact

The best way to show our commitment to our partners and investors and to society in general is through our projects. That’s why, at Dos Grados, we identify sustainable projects to generate economic and social progress.

Currently, our scope of activity is centred on renewable assets, mainly photovoltaic and wind power, located in the Iberian market (Spain and Portugal).

We have over 6 years’ experience in managing wind energy assets.

At Dos Grados we work towards the financial sustainability of the projects to which we are committed in the long term.

We have a portfolio of projects totalling 600 MW of power

Photovoltaic park in Fundão, Portugal

Municipality in the district of Castelo Branco

Fundao map

MW of installed capacity


solar panels

“Fundão is the project that crystallised all the work of the Dos
Grados team over the years.”

Eduardo Pérez-Somarriba

Technical Director

Job creation

Creation of direct, indirect and induced jobs:

  • 826 jobs during construction.
  • 111 jobs during operation (30 years).
Emissions avoided

Reduction in CO2 emissions: 825.372 tonnes.

  • Equivalent to the emissions captured by 13.926 hectares of forest.
  • Equivalent to a fleet of 16.000 cars.
Production of clean electricity

Clean electricity production: 215 GWh/year.

  • Equivalent to the consumption of 61.429 households.
Our commitment to the region
  • We promote local recruitment.
  • We establish agreements with local schools and universities.
  • We collaborate in the creation of specialised vocational training courses.
  • We promote contracting with local suppliers.
  • We encourage energy efficiency and innovation projects in municipalities.
Landscape integration project
  • We promote the conservation of existing areas of vegetation and restore others by developing new green corridors.
  • We enhance the landscape in ecological and cultural terms, using autochthonous vegetation, present in local formations or potential habitats, promoting the establishment of a balanced and sustainable landscape, integrated into its territory.
  • We implement a green corridor that ensures natural continuity in the landscape, articulating the wet and dry systems.

Conservation of artistic heritage
Pêro Viseu Roman Bridge

Fundão News