Committed to
We make our facilities compatible with the local environment

Sustainability is present in all our decisions and in the responsible development of our activities, with a strong focus on protecting the environment and creating a value footprint in the local communities where we are present.

We promote an environmentally-friendly investment model, based on a long-term relationship of trust with our stakeholders.

Dos Grados is another way of understanding investment. We work to transform the world with ecological and social awareness.

We measure the environmental and social impact of our investments and offer profitability and security, while contributing to the conservation of the natural capital.

Contributing to the SDGs to transform the world

Dos Grados is fully committed to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals approved in 2015 by the United Nations as part of the 2030 Agenda.

We have identified the four priority SDGs to which our contribution is most significant, contributing with real actions to transform the world.


7. Affordable and clean energy. We work towards an affordable, reliable and sustainable energy system by investing in renewable energy resources.  


9. Industry, innovation and infrastructures. We invest in sustainable and innovative infrastructures, committed to technological progress that drives economic growth, social development and the fight against climate change.


13. Climate action. We act to fight climate change and its effects by reducing carbon emissions from our operations and extending this action to all links in the supply chain.  


15. Life of terrestrial ecosystems. We are strongly committed to incorporating environmental conservation and biodiversity protection measures into our projects.  

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