Dos Grados organises a reforestation day with students

At the Fundão solar plant, as part of the visual integration work

Dos Grados has started an environmental reforestation programme in the vicinity of its 126.5 MW photovoltaic solar plant in Fundão.

The first planting work began with the participation of around 50 primary school pupils from the parishes of Pêro Viseu and Alcaría, located in the municipality of Fundão. During the day, which was also attended by Pedro Mesquita and Hélder Marrucho, the presidents of both parishes respectively, 100 trees of two local species that are very present in the area were planted: Quercus suber (a protected species) and Quercus pyrenaica.

In addition, Dos Grados gave a previous educational workshop on renewable energies, where the students learnt how electricity is generated in a solar photovoltaic plant, the similarities between this process of generating electricity and photosynthesis, and how green energies contribute to combating climate change and creating a more sustainable future.

Dos Grados, which commissioned the photovoltaic plant in December 2023, began these reforestation actions as part of the visual integration work it is going to implement in the area around the plant and its immediate surroundings to enhance the ecological value of the area.

These actions will consist of implementing a landscape integration plan made up of 2,018 trees and 2,728 shrubs, selecting native species present in the area, as well as planting 29.75 hectares with different types of seed mixtures to favour the rapid growth of vegetation and promote soil enrichment.

This initiative is part of Dos Grados’ environmental and social commitment in the areas where its renewable energy projects are located. The integration of the natural environment, facilitating the conservation of biodiversity and the fight against climate change are the pillars of its environmental management.