Dos Grados at APREN conference “Energy Transition: from plans to action

6/05/2019 | Renewable | 0 comments

Organised by the Portuguese Renewable Energy Association

Dos Grados sponsored the conference “Energy transition: from plans to action”, organised by the Portuguese Renewable Energy Association (APREN), as part of its commitment to help make the energy transition in Portugal a reality.

The event, held in Toledo, was aimed at sharing knowledge with experts in the sector on the development of the energy transition in the Iberian Peninsula.

Dos Grados, which is firmly committed to renewable energies to achieve a more sustainable future, took part not only as a sponsor, but also with the presence of its CEO, Luis Palacios, and its Development Director, Livinio Stuyck.

“We are working to make the Iberian market’s energy mix ever greener towards a sustainable electricity production model,” said Luis Palacios.