Dos Grados sponsors RENMAD Storage 2022 conference

Spanish market regulations were discussed.

Dos Grados took part in the second edition of RENMAD Storage, organised by ATA Insights in Toledo, with the aim of showing the importance of having regulations that clearly support energy storage. To this end, topics such as regulation, markets, technology and self-consumption were discussed.

The event was attended by experts from the energy sector, including representatives from leading companies and organisations in the field of renewable energies and storage.

Representing Dos Grados were Luis Palacios, the company’s CEO, and Eduardo Pérez, technical director.

In this edition, the conference focused on the latest regulations and legislation in the Spanish storage market, the plans for the PERTE funds dedicated to incentivising renewable energy and storage projects, and the capacity and adjustment services needed for the grid in the short and medium term. In addition, the current business models for storage projects were compared and the different technologies analysed, including lithium, flow batteries, thermal storage and pumped storage.