Transformer installed for Fundão solar photovoltaic plant

It’s a new milestone in the construction of renewable energy plants in Portugal.

Dos Grados has completed the installation of the transformer for the Fundão solar photovoltaic plant in the Portuguese municipality of Castelo Branco; another milestone in the construction of the plant, which will have an installed capacity of 126.5 MW.

This is the company’s first project in Portugal and is part of a portfolio of investments totalling 200 million euros that Dos Grados will invest in the Iberian Peninsula.

With the installation of the transformer, which will raise the voltage of the electricity from 30 kV to the 220 kV of the transmission network, the company is taking an important step towards the completion of the photovoltaic solar plant.

The plant began construction at the beginning of 2023 and, as with all its projects, Dos Grados maintains its social and environmental commitment, generating a positive impact on the environment.

It will also prevent the emission of 825,372 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere per year, equivalent to the emissions produced by 16,000 combustion vehicles.

In addition to Fundão, Dos Grados continues to work on other sustainable projects that are concerned with the sustainability of the planet and generate a positive impact on the environment.